Vermeer Directional Drills carry on a proud legacy of reliability, which is why we are proud owners of:
(1) Vermeer 7,000lb Directional Drill
(2) Vermeer 24,000lb Directional Drill
(3) Vermeer 36,000lb Directional Drill


Our Prime 60/30, 60Ton Horizontal Directional Drill is a powerful and technically fully developed device. Capable of drilling length up to 3,280’ and with diameter of up to 40” are possible.


(3) 10,000lb Takahuchi Mini Backhoe with Trailer

(1) 18,500lb Cat Excavator

(1) 54,450lb Cat Excavator

(1) 13,000lb Case Wheel Loader

(1) 7,670lb Case Skid Loader

service trucks

(6) Fuel Trucks

(5) Service Trucks

(4) Water Trucks


(3) Vacuum Excavation Equipment for Utility Exposing

(1) 450+gpm Trailer Mounted Mud Recycling System, 2,400 gallon capacity

(1) 800+gpm Trailer Mounted Mud Recycling System, 5,000 gallon capacity


McElroy Fusing Equipment

We are able to fuse pipe ranging from 1” to 18” in Diameter

(2) McElroy 1x4 Butt Fuser

(1) McElroy 2x8 Butt Fuser

(1) McElroy 4x12 Butt Fuser

(1) McElroy 6x18 Butt Fuser